Behavioral change
is coming
to a wrist near you
Klue is the world's first operating system for behavioral change

User engagement,
one sip or bite at a time.
Easily integrate Klue into your mobile and cloud solutions

Every gesture you make tells your behavioral story

The way we move our hands holds the key to understanding many of our behaviors. Using Klue's gesture sensing AI with an off-the-shelf wearable, we've been able to crack the code to access that information.

Klue pairs well with data

Our software passively tracks when you take a bite or sip. Over time, we construct a personalized profile of your consumption habits—something we call the consumption graph.

This data includes an understanding of when, how fast and how much you consume, and provides unbiased insights into a person's dietary behaviors.

Changing behavior is hard.
Until now.

Behavioral science research has shown that it is nearly impossible to change behavior unless you have a trigger at the time the target behavior is happening.

Since our software can detect behaviors in real time, Klue makes it possible to coach you with in-the-moment guidance when the impact is biggest.

Klue watch
How does Klue work?

Hyper Personalization

Klue builds your personalized consumption graph, enabling you to uncover actionable insights to alter your behavior.

Healthy Reminders

Building the right habits requires reinforcement. Klue monitors and nudges using little moments, many times.

Active Engagement

By detecting behaviors in real-time, Klue engages you at the most impactful moment.
Klue in action

As a platform for behavioral change, Klue leverages science, technology and coaching to affect positive outcomes.
Initially focused on eating and drinking behaviors, Klue enables partners to create a range of impactful experiences at key moments throughout the day.

Automatically track
how much you drink
Prompts to check
your blood sugar level
Real-time coaching
to eat more mindfully
Reminders to slow down
when you eat
Make it easier
to log your food
Occasional nudges
to stay more hydrated
Klue Technology

Our technology enables health-tracking apps and platforms to better understand the consumption behaviors of their customers. How? By building personalized consumption profiles, partners can enhance their programs and develop new applications that boost engagement and elevate outcomes.

Access insights from the consumption graph

  • Better understanding of members/patients dietary behaviors
  • Elevation of important eating & drinking patterns
  • Examples:
    • - Metrics of eating/drinking events
    • - User responses from notifications
    • - Automated personalized insights
    • - Stats on usage & engagement
    • - Population-level reports

Framework for custom, real-time experiences

  • Access to most impactful moments of the meal
  • Personalized, real-time reinforcement of healthy habits
  • Use built-in modules or create your own
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